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Why partner with us by choosing us as your Sunless Provider?

It is our aim is to provide you with all of the resources necessary for you to run and operate your own successful spray tanning business. Our company is built around our customers.  Your success is our success! Each one of our employees are passionate about providing you the best customer service, we value and appreciate our customers and therefore we are always standing by to assist you and cheer you on as you journey your way to success!  

What equipment will I need?

To provide a great Spray Tanning service, you will need the correct equipment eg. HVLP spray system, pop-up booth & the spray tanning essentials to do so. Most companies will offer starter kits that will not include everything needed to begin your business. We offer complete Turn-Key Business Start-up Kits which includes everything you need to start you own professional spray tanning business. We have 4 different start-up kits available, to suit your budget & needs.

Here are 3 important points to consider when researching your equipment.

  1. Look for a spray tan machine that comes with a guarantee. (Our HVLP Spray Tan Machines carries a 1 year guarantee and is made in Germany).  
  2. A gun with a stainless steel needle is best! Plastic needles are not ideal as plastic is perishable and will not last as long as a stainless steel needlle. (Our spray gun has a 0.6mm stainless steel needle. The spray needle of our gun (0.6mm) is also much finer than comparable spray tan units ensuring maximum atomisation of the spray tan fluid, thereby using the least amount of product). 
  3. Look for a good quality tent as you will use and fold your tent often. (Our spray tanning tents are superior quality and are made with a durable high quality fabric).

Do you offer financing? Can i pay off my business start-up kit?

Yes! We have partnered with  an independent financing entity. Pay off your Spray Tan Business Start up Kit / Equipment over 12 months using your mobicredits. Click here for more information.

How do i obtain training?

To book a personal training session at one of our training points (contact us for info). We do have a very informative training DVD available and Training Spray Tan Solution for you to practice your technique with. To get certified once you are comfortable and confident with the spray tanning technique contact us on how to obtain your certification should you require one.

Are there Spray Tanning Health & Safety regulations?

Yes, there is. It is recommended by the FDA & Brilliant Tan that users should avoid ingesting or inhaling the mist of any sunless tanning product containing DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). Although DHA is considered a safe ingredient and the DHA in our products are EcoCert, DHA is recommended for external use only by the FDA. Therefore always wear the necessary safety gear when spray tanning eg breathable foam nose filters / disposable paper masks , protective eye wear eg. spray tanning glassesYour client should also wear protective undergarments

How will I get my Spray Tanning Business off the ground?

Marketing is key! Advertise your business wherever you can. Start a Facebook page, create a website, advertise on Gumtree & OLX, list your business on Google Places and hand out flyers wherever you can! We have many free helpful resources available for our clients. These are all great ways to market your Spray Tanning Business and get your business started. Most importantly, spray tan your friends and family! These people will be your walking advertisements! 

Is it worth it?

It definitely is! Given you market your business properly, the sunless tanning industry is one of the few startup businesses where you are able to make a complete return on your investment in a reasonable amount of time.

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