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Prep & Remove™ Glove


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What it does:

Proper exfoliation is crucial for a flawless sunless tan!

Our Prep & Remove™ Glove is an extreme exfoliator that is brilliant for pre and post tanning! Prepares your skin for a sunless tan by effectively removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Watch in amazement as the layers of old dead skin cells glide off your skin. The most effective glove on the market for removing a sunless tan at the end of your tan's life! 


Step into a steamy shower or bath for at least 5 minutes to soften skin.

DO NOT use any soaps, cleansers or body washes. Using only
water, rinse the Prep & Remove glove, then squeeze out excess water.

Turn off shower or step away from water so body is only slightly
damp (not wet) - this will allow the glove to form a gently friction with your moist skin for the most effective removal of dead skin cells.

Rub entire body vigorously by massaging up and down, then from side to side.

Rinse with water after use and allow to dry naturally.


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