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The Solution is Making Droplets & Running Down My Client's Skin


You need to adjust your gun to spray a finer mist. Proper setup will make the difference between a great spray tan and a horrible spray tan! Your client's skin should never be very wet while & after you spray tan them, only moist.

This is how you adjust the spray mist of your gun to the ideal mist setting:

  1. Locate the Solution Flow Screw / dial on the back of the spray gun.

  1. Turn the dial Clockwise all the way to “Close” the spray (you know it's closed when you can't pull the trigger in anymore). Imagine the dial is now on 12 o'clock, turn the dial counterclockwise to “Open” to increase spray pattern width. The ideal mist setting is to turn the dial counterclockwise from 12 o'clock to between quarter to and half past, see picture below. This is the ideal setting for a perfect spray tan application.


  1. Make sure your gun is set to spray a horizontal pattern.


Always hold your gun 15-20cm's away from the body and remember to keep the same distance and speed throughout the spray tan application. It is recommended to apply barrier cream to the top & insides of hands, elbows, knees, top & sides of feet & heels. Double the distance when spraying the hands,  feet & face  to avoid over spraying them! Your aim should be to make the spray tan look as natural as possible. 

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