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Different Skin Tones

Because everyone's skin tone is different, we've developed our range of sunless tanning products in 3 different DHA strengths, 9% (fair), 11% (medium) and 13% (dark) to suit all skin tones!

Below is a description of the different skin tones and the suitable shade / % tanning active for the specific skin tone.

9% / Fair: Suitable for porcelain to fair skin tones. Pink undertone. Often fair skinned with freckles & red hair, blonde hair with green or blue eyes. Very sensitive to sun. Sunburns easily. Normally burns red in sun and then peels.
11% / Medium: Fair to medium skin tones. Generally yellow undertone. Sensitive to sun but able to achieve a light to medium sun tan. Most Caucasians fit into this category. 
13% / Dark: Medium to dark skin tone, Olive skin type. Moderately sensitive to sun. Sunburns little. Tans well. 

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