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Application Techniques

When applying your tan it's a good idea to map out your body in stages so you don't miss bits (no one wants white feet poking out of their wedges!) A good guide is to start from the face and work down the body leaving hands and feet till last. 

Exfoliate skin well before applying our Self Tanner!

Apply a generous layer of Barrier Cream to top & insides of hands, elbows, knees, top & sides of feet and heels before applying our Self Tanner, this will limit the absorption of sunless tanner in those areas. Always tan your hands last.


Hold bottle 30cm away from body while spraying. For a flawless, streak-free application, apply with our Velour Applicator Mitt in quick circular motions. Sweep lightly over hands and feet. Avoid water contact on skin for at least 8 hours.


Hands: Always tan your hands last! Don't apply tan directly to the hands; instead work the product down from your arms using the excess on hands for a natural fade down.

After tanning rub a small amount of barrier cream on the sides of the hands and in between the fingers to blend any remaining colour, then clean your wrists, palms & finger nails (including cuticles) with a wet wipe to stop them from taking on the colour.

Feet: Apply a small amount of barrier cream on top of your feet before applying any self tan on feet!)

Apply product directly on legs and work down onto your feet and ankles for a natural fade down to feet; don't apply directly onto the feet or anckles.
Rub barrier cream in between the toes and a small amount at the sides of the feet.
After Self Tan application, wipe your toe nails with a wet wipe to stop them being discoloured by the self tan. 

Hairline: When applying self tan remember to rub moisturiser into your hair line after the product is applied, this will stop you getting the tell tale self tan line. 

The Face: When applying self tan to your face, apply a small amount of moisturiser first, this will give a natural fade down making sure that your tan looks natural and not too dark. 

Back: The back is one the hardest places to tan yourself. Apply product onto some clingfilm, pull behind you and then rub it from left to right over back.

If this does not work, ask your boyfriend or husband to lend a hand :-)

Avoid these Tell Tale sunless tanning mistakes:

White or over-tanned feet are big no-no's! Cover your feet with a towel whilst spraying the upper body to avoid any fall-down onto your feet which will over tan them leaving them darker than the rest of your body. But make sure you don't forget about them at all - white feet and ankles are not a good look.
Avoid an un-even tan by holding the bottle a few inches from your body and not spraying too close.
Always wash your hands after applying tanning products!

It is recommended that you leave your tan on for at least 8 hours before taking a shower but for best results sleep with your tan on.


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