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Ultra Dark Competition Tan

Our Ultra Dark Competition Tan range was developed for fitness athletes looking for that ultra dark tan. Specifically designed for stage lighting and to highlight your muscle definition that you've worked so hard for. Contains highest percentage tanning active. 


Get Stage Ready in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1 - Buff /exfoliate skin thoroughly with our Prep & Remove™ Glove to get rid of dead skin cells attached to the outer layer of the skin. 

STEP 2 - Apply 1 base coat of our Ultra Dark Competition Tan 1-2 days before your competition. 

STEP 3 - Apply our wash-off Competition Perfecting Bronzer Top Coat on the day of your competition to intensify the depth of your tan. You can apply as many coats needed until you've reached your desired colour tan. 



~Alethea Cusens ~ (winner of her Beach Bikini Division & Ms Personality at Battle of the Titans 2017)

Thank you @brillianttansunless for my amazing skin and making me feel like a winner! 


~Jarryd De Gouveia ~ (middle, overall winner of Battle of the Titans 2017)

Thanks so much. This tan definitely gave me the extra edge on stage. 


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