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Before & After Spray Tan Care

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To ensure getting the maximum out of your spray tan please follow these simple but effective steps:-


  • Shower and exfoliate your skin prior to spray tan (For best results exfoliate with our Prep & Remove™ Glove
  • Do not apply any moisturiser, deodorant or perfume before your spray tan session as these can interfere with the tanning solution on the skin.
  • Bring dark g-string / swimwear to be spray tanned in, for men we suggest dark swim trunks or boxer shorts & bring loose dark clothing and flip flops to wear afterwards.
  • Preferably shave or wax 8 hours prior to sunless tan session.
  • Please bring an umbrella with if it's raining on the day of your spray tan appointment!


    • Avoid water contact on skin within the 8 hours developing time, water contact stops the tanning process immediately and may result in an uneven / streaky tan.
    • Allow 8 hours of developing time to go by before engaging in any strenuous exercise or activities that may cause you to perspire.
    • Do not wear satin clothing or sleep in satin sheets before your first shower as satin fabric can promote sweating which may create streaks.
    • Do not rub or scratch your skin during the developing time, as this may cause streaks.
    • If you are getting into a car with leather seats on a hot day it is recommended to sit on a towel as leather promotes sweating.
    • Have a shower after the developing time has passed. Some excess bronzer will wash off during the first shower, leaving you with the end result. It is recommended to wash twice during your first shower, first with clean water (to wash all the bronzer off) then a second wash with a ph 5.5 balance soap/shower gel. Pat skin dry with a towel.
    • Avoid long baths and chlorinated pools as this will shorten the life of the tan.
    • Moisturise twice daily (or more) to maintain tan. The more moisturiser you apply the better your tan will look and the longer your tan will last!   Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Spray tans do not protect your skin against the sun's harmful UV rays.
    • Avoid using any moisturisers or products that contain Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Sodium Laureth Sulphate as these ingredients promote increased exfoliation and will accelerate the fading process of the tan.
    • Try to avoid shaving or waxing following your spray tan application, shaving can cause the tan to look patchy. If you need to shave, use a fresh blade and shaving cream to avoid scratching the skin.
    • After receiving your spray tan (approximately 6-10 days depending on your skin type and how you maintain your tan) the tan will  gradually start to fade. To help promote the exfoliation process at this stage and to encourage the spray tan to wear away more evenly, it is best to start exfoliating your skin gently in those areas that are fading to remove any build up of the tanned dead skin cells that are loosely attached to the skin. Try to do this when your body is moist in the shower as to avoid scratching your tan and irritating your skin.
    • The most effective way to remove a spray tan at the end of your tan's life is to exfoliate your entire body with our Prep & Remove™ Glove

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