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The Whitening Process

The Whitening Process

Brilliant Smile Cosmetic Teeth whitening is a self-administered Teeth Whitening session which includes a teeth whitening kit & the use of a professional LED lamp that is available at Brilliant Smile Bars

One whitening session consists of two whitening gel applications / treatments of 15-20 minutes each under the provided professional LED lamp which activates the whitening gel. 

The Whitening Process in 6 easy steps: 
  1. Book a teeth whitening session at a Smile Bar nearest to you 
  2. Determine your initial shade on the Teeth Shader
  3. Sit comfortably in the chair
  4. Application of Peroxide Free Whitening Gel
  5. Relax under the provided professional LED light which activates the Whitening Gel
  6. Compare your new shade on the Teeth Shader & enjoy your new smile :-)

    It's that easy!

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